Toruń centre

  • CAMK - Rabiańska Street, one down from Kopernika Street - CAMK is not the Institute of Astronomy of NCU
  • Physics+ Faculty - Wydział Fizyki, Astronomii i Informatyki Stosowanej - - Grudziądzka street - 5 min walk from CAMK

where to stay - accommodation


  • Institute of Astronomy NCU = IA-UMK (old names: Toruń Centre of Astronomy = TCfA = KAA + KRA =) optical observatory + radio observatory, administratively part of Physics/Astro/Computer Science Faculty of UMK
  • about 12km from Toruń centre
  • for "direct" buses, the destinations used to be written "Lulkowo" and "Kowróz" on the timetables at the PKS bus terminal (PKS Toruń 51% owned by Veolia Environnement - Connex owned by Arriva which is owned by Deutsche Bahn)
    • As of 2018-01-08, the bus line was identified as "Linia 24003 Toruń - Toruń przez Lulkowo" (info probably obsolete)
  • much more practical: you can also take buses from Toruń to Różankowo and then walk 1.5 km to Piwnice (or vice-versa). Buses between Toruń and Różankowo (which continue north) are much more frequent than the "direct" buses.
  • @Openstreetmap
  • You can also take buses to Łysomice and walk 5.3 km to the observatory. These buses are also quite frequent.

Bus stops, timetable

  • There are two bus stops at Piwnice, one in each direction. Check with local people (ask!) that you have chosen the correct direction!
  • Probably the best website for info is:
    • type Toruń (or Torun), select voi. kujawsko-pomorskie
    • type Piwnice, select voi. kujawsko-pomorskie
    • Find connection to find bus connections
  • As of 2023-01-24, there seems to be about one "direct" bus per day, taking 44 minutes: 08:10 from Toruń, through Ostaszewo, arriving at Piwnice at 08:54.
  • As of 2023-01-24, from Toruń to Różankowo, there seem to be about 5 buses leaving Toruń from 06:00 to 07:00, about 2 per hour for the following few hours, then 1 per hour; these take 14-19 minutes, then you have a 1.5 km walk to the Observatory.
    • The times/frequencies of return buses are similar, the easiest time to get a return bus is around 16:00 to 17:00, with four buses; the latest on 2023-01-24 is 22:04 from Różankowo; first in the morning is 05:01 from Różankowo.
  • As of 2023-01-24, buses from Toruń to Łysomice seem to have a similar frequency to those going to Różankowo. The 5.3 km walk will keep you in better shape than the 1.5 km walk from Różankowo.


obsolete (Jan 2018)

to Piwnice

Departure times leaving from PKS aka Dworzec PKS = Toruń long-distance bus station:
 6:20 D (mon-fri) _to Kowróz then Lulkowo_ PKS stop 2 (37 min)
 7:40 E (mon-sat)  _to Kowróz then Lulkowo_ PKS stop 2 (37 min)
 9:40 D (mon-fri)  _to Kowróz then Lulkowo_ PKS stop 2 (37 min)
12:30 D (mon-fri)  _to Lulkowo (Kowróz may be the "destination" but it is irrelevant for Piwnice)_ PKS stop *3* (23 min)
14:40 D (mon-fri)  _to Lulkowo (Kowróz may be the "destination" but it is irrelevant for Piwnice)_ PKS stop 2 (23 min)
15:45 E (mon-sat)   _to Lulkowo (Kowróz may be the "destination" but it is irrelevant for Piwnice)_ PKS stop 2 (23 min)
17:45 Dm (mon-fri)  _to Lulkowo (Kowróz may be the "destination" but it is irrelevant for Piwnice)_ PKS stop (?) (23 min)
?? evening - not yet known - 20:30 Fm (mon-fri) 
?? evening - not yet known - 22:40 Fm (mon-fri) 

almost all of these are cancelled on public holidays; "m" means cancelled also on 24.XII and 31.XII

to Toruń

The (old times) mostly matched the above, since they were the same circular bus trips from Toruń to Toruń, except for the 06:18 bus, which started at 06:00 from Ostaszewo:
06:18 D (mon-fri) heading East  (23 min)
06:58 D (mon-fri) heading East (23 min)
08:18 E (mon-sat) heading East (23 min)
10:18 D (mon-fri) heading East (23 min)
12:53 D (mon-fri) heading West (37 min)
15:03 D (mon-fri) heading West (37 min)
16:08 E (mon-sat) heading West (37 min)
18:08 Dm (mon-fri) heading West (37 min)


As of 2018-01-08, the old timetable below appears to have become obsolete. During roughly 2002-2017, the timetable changed by at most about one or two minutes every few years or so.

to Piwnice

 5:45 F (mon-fri) 
 6:40 A (mon-sat) 
 8:30 F (mon-fri) 
12:00 F (mon-fri) 
14:40 F (mon-fri) 
15:30 F (mon-fri) 
17:40 U (sun-sat) 
20:30 Fm (mon-fri) 
22:40 Fm (mon-fri) 

virtually all these are cancelled on public holidays

to Toruń

 6:08 F (mon-fri) 
 7:02 A (mon-sat) 
 8:53 F (mon-fri) 
12:22 F (mon-fri) 
15:03 F (mon-fri) 
15:52 F (mon-fri) 
18:03 U (sun-sat) 
20:52 Fm (mon-fri) 
24:01 Fm (mon-fri) 

letter code

  • A - Nie kursuje w niedziele i święta
    • does NOT run on Sundays, holidays
  • F - Kursuje w dni robocze od poniedziałku do piątku
    • does run on working days Mon-Fri
  • m - Nie kursuje w Wigilię i przeddzień Nowego Roku
    • does NOT run on Christmas Eve nor on New Year's Eve
  • U - Nie kursuje w pierwszy dzień Świąt Bożego Narodzenia i w pierwszy dzień Świąt Wielkanocnych
    • does NOT run on Christmas Day nor on Easter
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