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cosmic topology measurements, Gaussianity tests


  • AstroPh:0302209 - WMAP - Spergel et al. "finite universe model"
  • AstroPh:0302496 - WMAP - Tegmark et al. - AstroPh:0307282 - against topology interpretation
  • AstroPh:0303643 - WMAP non-random phases - Chiang et al.
  • AstroPh:0305248 - non-Gaussianity tests - Raeth, P. Schuecker
  • AstroPh:0405519 - WMAP 1yr bispectrum against Gaussianity (frequentist test), inconsistency with other tests - Kate Land, Joao Magueijo
  • AstroPh:0310273 - Detection of non-Gaussianity in the WMAP 1-year data using spherical wavelets - P. Vielva, E. Martinez-Gonzalez, R. B. Barreiro, J. L. Sanz, L. Cayon
  • AstroPh:0402602 - Wavelets and WMAP non-Gaussianity - Pia Mukherjee, Yun Wang
  • AstroPh:0409397 - Foreground contributions (correlated with cosmic ray distributions) to the Cosmic Microwave Background - Tadeusz Wibig, Arnold W. Wolfendale
  • AstroPh:0304290 - opposite quasar pairs - Weatherley et al.
  • AstroPh:0305020, AstroPh:0304558, AstroPh:0303636 - WMAP low quadrupole => not topology, but double inflation, or other early universe physics?
  • AstroPh:0307507 - Asymmetries in the CMB anisotropy field (WMAP) - Eriksen, Hansen, Banday, Gorski, Lilje
  • AstroPh:0303127 - low WMAP quadrupole from positive curvature? AstroPh:0306431 - significance of low WMAP quadrupole - AstroPh:0310207 - max likelihood analysis gives higher WMAP quadrupole - G. Efstathiou
  • AstroPh:0310186 - standard analysis of WMAP misleading since some assumptions wrong - Antony Lewis
  • AstroPh:0310233 - circles test with WMAP against many torus-like models up to 16.8 h-1Gpc in size - Cornish, Spergel, Starkman, Komatsu
  • AstroPh:0310253 - Poincare dodecahedral model likely from WMAP data - Luminet, Weeks, Riazuelo, Lehoucq, Uzan
  • AstroPh:0402608 - Poincare 11deg circles? - TCfA group
  • AstroPh:0310511 - multipole vector analysis of WMAP data in favour of non-Gaussianity and cross-correlations of fluctuations on scales 2 < l < 8
  • AstroPh:0310542, AstroPh:0310601 - low multipoles in WMAP ILC (internal linear combination) map are non-poissonian and contain foreground residues - P.D. Naselsky, A.G. Doroshkevich, O.V. Verkhodanov
  • HepTh:0311059 Influence of Super-Horizon Scales on Cosmological Observables Generated during Inflation - Matarrese, Musso, Riotto
  • AstroPh:0405544 low multipoles natural (no fudging) from stochastic inflation - M. Liguori, S. Matarrese (Univ. of Padova and INFN), M. Musso (Univ. of Pavia and INFN), A. Riotto
  • AstroPh:0403597 hyperbolic models with long "horns" do not create flat spots; Picard model (hyperbolic) matches WMAP data - Aurich et al.
  • WMAP gossip: http://www.geometrygames.org/ESoS/CosmologyNews.html - see AstroPh:0403353
  • AstroPh:0412407 hyperbolic Picard model matches WMAP 1st year data - R. Aurich, S. Lustig, F. Steiner, H. Then
  • AstroPh:0501189 shape of space post-WMAP review talk, Luminet
  • AstroPh:0511726 Holger Then - Are the existing CMB maps sufficiently accurate for the matched circle test?
  • AstroPh:0601445 Rakic, Rasanen, Schwarz - Microwave sky and the local Rees-Sciama effect - low multiples probably not from Rees-Sciama effect
  • AstroPh:0606266 Campanelli, L.; Cea, P.; Tedesco, L. - Ellipsoidal Universe Can Solve The CMB Quadrupole Problem


  • ArXiv:1103.1466 An improved cosmic crystallography method to detect holonomies in flat spaces - Hirokazu Fujii, Yuzuru Yoshii
  • ArXiv:1104.0015 The Topology and Size of the Universe from the Cosmic Microwave Background (T^3, T^2, T^1, R^3 models) - Grigor Aslanyan, Aneesh V. Manohar

The Missing Fluctuations Problem

  • AstroPh:0403353 low multipoles from Oort cloud (outer solar system)? - Dominik J. Schwarz (CERN), Glenn D. Starkman (CERN, Case Western Reserve University), Dragan Huterer (CWRU), Craig J. Copi
    • AstroPh:0508047 C. J. Copi, D. Huterer, D. J. Schwarz, G. D. Starkman - On the large-angle anomalies of the microwave sky
    • AstroPh:0605135, ArXiv:0808.3767 Copi et al. 2007, 2009
    • AstroPh:0905.3324 Too few spots in the Cosmic Microwave Background - Youness Ayaita, Maik Weber, Christof Wetterich
    • ArXiv:1310.2822 - Two-point Correlation Function of WMAP 9 year data - A.Gruppuso - confirms zero correlation on large scales in WMAP9 data, calculated indirectly (starting from a_{lm}'s)
    • ArXiv:1310.3831 - Lack of large-angle TT correlations persists in WMAP and Planck - Craig J. Copi, Dragan Huterer, Dominik J. Schwarz, Glenn D. Starkman
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