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Monday 28 Oct 2019

Monday 21 Oct 2019

  • 12:15-ish (after the main seminar) Monday 21 Oct 2019
  • Marius - UDGs exclude LCDM? ArXiv:1909.04663 - The ultra-diffuse dwarf galaxies NGC 1052-DF2 and 1052-DF4 are in conflict with standard cosmology - Moritz Haslbauer, Indranil Banik, Pavel Kroupa, Konstantin Grishunin
  • proposal for future announcements: use the public cosmo-torun mailing list:
    • advantages: people who are sort of interested but will not attend frequently can subscribe/unsubscribe with their own control over how much/what email they receive
    • disadvantages: a mailing list feels a bit less personal than a private cc list
      • counterargument: our group is getting big enough that emailing to "everyone" who might be interested risks discouraging email discussion; and the point of a journal club is that face-to-face discussion can (to some degree) replace online discussion
    • no objections, the proposal was accepted

week of Thu 17 Oct 2019

  • 11:45 Thu 17 Oct 2019
  • Ahsan - ArXiv:1908.05683 - Einstein-Vlasov Calculations of Structure Formation - William East; Rados│aw Wojtak, Frans Pretorius.

general plan

  • normally once a week, max 1 hour? 30 mins?
  • either two people who each present a moderately recent ArXiv paper that s/he is interested in, with preference given to pending or sent-out inhomogeneous cosmology papers for 'inhom' (https://cosmo.torun.pl/inhom); or, once a month,
  • an editathon (f2f + f2laptops) on the Inhomogeneous Cosmology White Paper: http://cosmo.torun.pl/pipermail/inhom/2019-July/000010.html
    • for example, some people can complain about what's wrong/missing and if nobody answers f2f fast enough, then s/he edits, git commits and git pushes and we do our best to merge any edit conflicts

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