Travel to Toruń

  • By Plane
    Although the closest international airport is Bydgoszcz Airport (BZG), approximately 45km from Toruń, we recommend that you fly to Warsaw, either to Chopin Airport (WAW) which is the main international airport, or to Modlin (WMI) which is served by Ryanair.
    • Chopin Airport (WAW)
      If you fly to Chopin Airport (WAW), you will have 4 options of getting to Toruń:
      • rent a car
        There are a number of rental companies available at the airport. You will need to have a driver's licence and credit card to rent a car and a working GPS to find the best route to Toruń. [travel time: A1, A2 highways: 2h10m–3h30m; national road DK10: 2h40m–4h]
      • by taxi
        You can either take a taxi from the airport taxi rank or book online. The cost would be more than 200 Euro (or 1000 PLN).
      • by train
        Some information on the train connections can be found at the airport website. There will be 2 parts of your trip: first, from the airport to Warsaw Central (in Polish: from "Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina" to "Warszawa Centralna"), and second, from Warsaw to Toruń (i.e from "Warszawa Centralna" to "Toruń Główny").

        From the airport (Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina) to Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna), you can either take "Koleje Mazowieckie" or "SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska". From Warsaw (Warszawa Centralna) to Toruń (Toruń Główny) you will go with "PKP Intercity". "Koleje Mazowieckie", "SKM Szybka Kolej Miejska" and "PKP Intercity" are separate and independent railway carriers, and from outside of Poland, it is not possible to buy a single ticket for both parts of your trip. You will need separate tickets, which you can either buy in separate ticket offices, at ticket machines, or online.

        Once you arrive at Chopin Airport, make your way to the train terminal. Then buy a ticket to "Warszawa Centralna" either from the ticket machine or from the ticket office. You need a ticket either for SKM S3 (do not take S2, it does not stop at the Central Station "Warszawa Centralna") or "Koleje Mazowieckie". For SKM the ticket ("single fare transfer ticket") should cost around 4.40 PLN (which is around 1 €); this ticket is valid for 75 minutes after stamping (the actual travel time is about 20 minutes). For Koleje Mazowieckie (the standard is a bit better than SKM, with more space for luggage) the ticket will cost around 7 PLN (slightly less than 2 €).

        Once you get to Warszawa Centralna you will take a train to Toruń Główny [best travel time with no changes: 2h40m; with one change: about 3–4 hours]. You may buy a ticket from one of several ticket offices there (showing a printout of your chosen travel plan can help overcome the language barrier), but if you are comfortable with a personally identified train ticket, then we recommend that you buy it online via this PKP website.

        The earliest you can buy a ticket online is 30 days before the travel begins, and you can still do this up to about an hour before departure. Online ticket purchase is unavailable between 23:00 and 01:00 (PL time; UTC+2 in summer)—you cannot buy tickets online during this 2-hour period. The online ticket will be issued for you personally (unlike the one from the ticket office, which does not have any personal identifying data on it). You will need to print the ticket and carry this with you or store the image of the QR code on your mobile or laptop). During ticket control in the train, if you have a personalised ticket (with your name on it), the conductor will ask you for proof of ID. Since the conductor's English may be less than fluent, you can accelerate the procedure by showing the printout of your ticket together with your ID/passport. If you buy a ticket from the ticket office, the ticket will not have your name on it and you will not be asked to show any ID.

        Lateness error margin: Expect 5–15 minutes' delay at about 1σ; allow for 60–90 minutes' delay at about 2σ.

        Once you arrive in Toruń Główny, we recommend taking a taxi which has a sign on the top showing a number in the series 1-9191, 1-9192, ... 1-9199 to get to your hotel. The taxi fare should be around 20–25 PLN (about 5 €) [typical travel time to University Hotel: 5 mins driving, 5 mins traffic lights; travel time to Old Town: less than that!]. Taxis identified with any other number or without a number are not recommended and will cost you a lot more.

        Alternatively, bus 27 will take you very cheaply from Toruń Główny to the University Hotel, provided that you can buy a ticket from the driver or a machine on the bus and get off at the bus stop "Grunwaldzka" (or get off immediately after crossing the bridge and you'll be 20 m from the Old Town). However, if plainclothes ticket inspectors board the bus with you, you may have only about 15–30 seconds to punch a floppy ticket in the ticket machine while the bus is accelerating and braking like a roller coaster; once the ticket machines are frozen, you'll be considered guilty of having travelled without a valid ticket if you were too slow!

        If you are fit and have a comfortable backpack and the weather is nice, you can walk west about 500 m from Toruń Główny to a bridge crossing the Vistula River and get a good view of the river with a 1 km walk across the bridge to the Old Town.

      • by bus

        You might find complementary travel times and buy a bus ticket online to travel from "Warszawa Zachodnia" (e.g. DW.ZACHODNI in the search box) to the Toruń "PKS" inter-town bus exchange [typically 3–4 hours]. You can buy a ticket from the driver if you are lucky enough that a free seat is still available. If you buy a ticket online (or from the ticket office if you are lucky), and there are many people waiting for the bus, then you may need to use your elbows to get to the front. The bus driver will first let people with tickets enter the bus. If you do not enter the bus together with those passengers, the bus driver may sell the remaining seats, so if you are late or do not use your elbows to get up front then you might not be admitted to the bus.

        You first need to travel from Warsaw Chopin Airport as above towards Warszawa Centralna, but get off one stop earlier: Warszawa Zachodnia. Exit through the tunnel on the south side of the train station, and walk 50 m or so west around the train station building to find the bus station building. The buses are at the west side. Identify your bus by the bus company name, the destination (usually a town more distant than Toruń), grep the printed timetables by eye (not easy: there are many!), and/or ask locals.

    • From Modlin Airport (WMI)
      If you fly to the Modlin Airport (WMI), you will have 4 options for getting to Toruń:
      • rent a car
        There are a number of rental companies available at the airport. You will need to have a driver's licence and credit card to rent a car and a working GPS to find the best route to Toruń.
      • by taxi
        As above, this is quite an expensive option!
      • by train
        Since there is no train station at the airport, this option is slightly more complicated than the one described above. First, you will need to take the airport shuttle to the nearest train station. Then you will need to take a train to Warszawa Centralna and then take a train to Toruń Główny (please also read the above information regarding the train travel from Chopin Airport).
      • by bus
        The easiest option of getting to Toruń from Modlin is by bus. There is a direct connection from Modlin Airport operated by Modlin Bus which will take you to Toruń (Toruń D.A. PKS - D.A. stands for the Bus Station). You can buy a ticket at the airport or online but the earliest you can buy a ticket is about 30–40 days before your travel.
  • From any other place in Poland (the Gdańsk, Poznań and Warsaw airports are roughly equidistant from Toruń):
    If you require a connection from some other town in Poland, then you have 4 options:
For more info please see Wikivoyage:Toruń#Get in, and like in many towns around the world, protect yourself from pickpockets.