Code of Conduct

We hope that all participants in the Inhomogeneous Cosmologies workshop will enjoy an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment and focuses on good science. We expect that you will criticise ideas, not individuals, and that you will assume good faith. Please behave professionally, respect others, have civilized debates, and also please familiarise yourself with examples of comments, jokes or behaviour that by stereotype threat risk reinforcing systematic social structures of domination related to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, physical appearance, body size or dietary choices.

Harassment is not appropriate behaviour. Sexual or other harassment may include culturally inappropriate physical contact, non-consensual sexual attention or innuendo, deliberate intimidation, stalking, and photography or recording of an individual without consent. It also includes offensive comments related to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, or body size.

In the case of an incident of allegedly inappropriate behaviour, the Organising Committee reserves the right to chair a moderated discussion of the incident either immediately following the incident or later, at the discretion of the Organising Committee. Anyone who wishes to report a violation of this Code of Conduct is invited to speak confidentially to the Organising Committee. [cf guidelines at Geek Feminism Wiki].

Text partly derived from London code of conduct under CC0; Conference codes of conduct: More info.