[Mma] Re: grant 432-A - any news? (fwd)

jaskol jaskol at uni.torun.pl
Tue Nov 16 09:43:09 CET 2004

Dear Dr. Roukema,

I have talked about your grant to my boss (Dr. Wojciech Streich) and Mr. 
Ryszard Lew. Now I see 2 ways of solving the problem of possible losing 
the money:

   1. You can ask Dyrektor Administracyjny, dr Stefan Nielek or Rector
      Magnificus, prof. dr hab. Jan Kopcewicz (in writing) for
      permission to buy the computer without "zamówienia publiczne"
      procedure. Obviously, you'd have to prove that the problem
      happened due to circumstances beyond your control. Reportedly,
      there were only few cases that they agreed to such requests. You'd
      have to do it quickly so that you could go to the shop, buy the
      computer and give us the invoice by the end of the month.
   2. You can ask Prorektor ds. Nauki i Współpracy z Zagranicą, prof. dr
      hab. Marek Zaidlewicz for closing the grant right now without
      spending the money. Then, at the beginnig of next year he could
      pass 3500 zł to Centrum Astronomii for the purpose of your buying
      the computer. In order to do so, you should write request and go
      to talk to Mr. Rektor.

Should you have any questions please contact me.

I wish you good luck!

Sławomir Jaskólski
Dział Nauki UMK
Tel. 611-49-17

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