[Mma] still waiting for draft program

Boud Roukema boud at astro.uni.torun.pl
Thu Oct 9 13:25:50 CEST 2003

 i've had communications problems with Andrzej Strobel trying to get
hold of a copy of the *draft* program for lectures for II/III/IV/V rok
students, so that we can discuss lecture times.

Andrzej had a cc: of


but he seems to want to wait until the program is finalised before
sending me the draft program. Which is
rather silly IMHO since the whole *reason* that i want the *draft*
program is in order that together we can *decide* where in the program
is convenient for *our* lectures - it won't be a final program until
we make a decision.

My apologies for this delay and confusion...


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