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Kosmologia 0800-KOSMO = Cosmology course



  • exercise sessions - no class time formally allocated, but we should choose one or two sessions to be practical calculational sessions
  • lecture @10:00-12:00 Thu
  • EXAM: Mon 19 June 2023 10:00-15:30 @Institute of Astronomy, Piwnice, Room 48 - 5 hours 30 min = maximum time; a good student can finish in 2 hours

mailing list

Komunikacja - możesz sprawdzić tę stronę foswiki, albo ewentualnie zapisz się na grupę dyskusyjną grupy kosmo: http://cosmo.torun.pl/mailman/listinfo/cosmo-torun/


prerequisite: SR+GR

summary of modern cosmology

  • AstroPh:0602280 - George Ellis - Issues in the Philosophy of Cosmology - this is a proper scientific approach, i.e. serious philosophy explained in simple (scientific) words

online intros to cosmology


For the moment a general textbook is: WikipediaEn:Book:Observational_cosmology_-_30h_course

  • Like any standard science textbook or peer-reviewed article, none of the text, figures and formulae in this Wikipedia book should be believed without scepticism. Check the internal, mathematical and physical self-consistency of the material, check its consistency with the references in each chapter, check its consistency with recent open access summaries of observations and theory that you can find at http://arXiv.org. Feel free to participate in Wikipedia talk pages and to edit the article content yourself once you understand the material and the editorial principles sufficiently.
  • Observational cosmology - 30h course (version: 31.10.2013)


  • calibration: lecturer should be able to do full exam in 60 minutes with a score of at least 4.5 (out of 5)
  • fixed day/time, expected up to 3 hours, allowed up to 5 hours, at KRA as in a traditional exam; repeat exam possible in September as in official program
  • exam uses a selection of wims exercises made available in exercise mode, i.e. the questions are different but statistically drawn from the same distribution in a multi-dimensional parameter space with N >> 1 parameters
  • same as for exercises: score rounded to nearest number in the set {0, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5}
  • differences wrt exercises
    • stronger prerequisite relation between exercises - you must do the easier exercises before being allowed to try the harder ones
    • more severe scoring system: xq instead of xq^{0.3}
  • The examination for this subject requires verification that the students are working through examination questions using verifiable tools. Purely online methods of verifying the students' knowledge are insufficient for this course, so a face-to-face "traditional" exam is required. Experience has shown that some students use scientifically invalid methods.
  • exercise mode:
    • Scoring is enabled by default - but this doesn't count for any official zaliczenie!
    • Scoring is not limited by IP range - you can practice from Spain or Fiji if you wish.
    • link to wims: exercise mode (bez zaliczenia!)

5.0 punkty zaliczenia na wims - jak jest obliczony

  • Możesz zdobyć aż do 5.0 punkty za ćwiczenia w wims:
    • 0.0 \le 5 \frac{ \sum_{i=1,n} x_i q_i^{0.3} }{n}  \le 5.0 gdzie
      • x_i jest ile% done dla danym "sheet" - między 0.0 i 1.0
      • q_i jest "quality" (jakość) - między 0.0 i 1.0; potęga 0.3 implikuje, że efekt q_i jest, ale jest słabo oprócz jeśli quality jest bardzo niska...
    • równowalna sposoba liczyć:
      • home
        • My scores
          • Global average: ile over 5. Tutaj, ile jest ile punkty masz razem
  • Wzor dla jednego cwiczenia q_m po m razy, gdzie s_1, ..., s_m to ocen między 0.0 i 1.0, to q_m = \frac{0.85 q_{m-1} + s_m}{1.85}. Tzn, q_m, to uwazone srednio, gdzie najostatnich razy sa najwazniejszy.
  • Chromium/Chrome bug: As of 2020 + 2021, the chromium/chrome browser software has a bug that prevents the display of some of the exercises. Firefox is one browser without the bug.

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