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ordering is roughly by length scale, from smallest to largest

Solar System

  • GrQc:0412084 Cosmological effects in the local static frame - Michel Mizony (IGD), Marc Lachieze-Rey (PGC)

highest redshift galaxies

  • AstroPh:0301096 The Discovery of Two Lyman-α Emitters Beyond Redshift 6 in the Subaru Deep Field - Kodaira et al.


galaxy populations

  • AstroPh:0211080 - photometric redshifts of 6 million galaxies from the SloanDSS
  • AstroPh:0210643 - the FundamentalPlane at z=1.27 - massive galaxies at high redshift, EROs
  • AstroPh:0211068 - Phoenix Deep Survery - 2000 sources @1.4GHz to 60µJy in 4.56 sq.deg - estimated 0<z<1
  • <a class="interwikiLink" href="" title="'0301457' on astro-ph preprint archive">AstroPh:0301457 - UCDs - ultra-compact-dwarfs - the result of a dwarf elliptical being stripped of 99% of its luminosity by tidal stripping inside of a cluster (Fornax cluster) - Gregg, Drinkwater et al.
  • AstroPh:0310661 - population evolution of K-band hyperluminous galaxies (HLIRGs) similar to most luminous radiogalaxies?
  • AstroPh:0301427 - FIRBACK observations of 0.4<z&lt0.9 ultraluminous galaxies which contribute to the [CIB]
  • AstroPh:0401032 - Some Current Issues in Galaxy Formation (June 2003) excellent short review - Joe Silk
  • AstroPh:0401503 - characteristic scales in galaxy formation: 10km/s, 30km/s, 100km/s, 300km/s - Dekel
  • AstroPh:0402276 - galaxy down-sizing from Subaru - some small galaxies form stars late - Kodama et al.

GRBs - what are their hosts?

  • AstroPh:0301149 - seem to be blue dwarf galaxies - Le Floc'h, Duc, Mirabel et al

dynamics inside a halo/galaxy

observed: non-cuspy profiles in galaxies and clusters but theory: cuspy

  • AstroPh:0210641 - Ωm and power spectrum from LSBs - McGaugh
  • AstroPh:0210658 - SuperMBH s have no significant effect on density profiles - Read, Gilmore
  • AstroPh:0211074 - HST observations of BCGs and inferences for density profiles
  • AstroPh:0307362 - in CDM models cannot destroy satellite galaxies sufficiently to match observations of UltraCompactDwarfs - S. Kazantzidis, B. Moore, L. Mayer
  • AstroPh:0310660 - The origin and tidal evolution of cuspy triaxial haloes - Ben Moore, Stelios Kazantzidis, Juerg Diemand, Joachim Stadel
  • AstroPh:0311155 - lack of small-scale power leads to artificially cuspy haloes? Discreteness effects in cosmological N-body simulations - Binney
  • AstroPh:0401088 - missing satellite problem solved?


  • AstroPh:0211105 - 2D spectroscopy of double-barred galaxies - relation to structure near nucleus - Moiseev

galaxy formation

  • AstroPh:0302343 - (100)1/3 times better resolution in N-body simulations via Wavelets - Romeo et al
  • AstroPh:0210525 SPH simulations showing ellipticals forming which are not the result of major mergers of spirals - Hernandez, Lee
  • AstroPh:0402248 - shock generated SFR vs density generated SFR in mergers - Barnes
  • AstroPh:0402271 - stellar population synthesis - new models - Jimenez et al.

predictions from galaxy formation

  • AstroPh:0202318 - Gamma-Rays from Intergalactic Shocks
  • AstroPh:0401003 - shoulder in QSO luminosity function due to maximum mass for SMBH mergers to match halo mergers - Mahmood, Devriendt, Silk
  • AstroPh:0401087 - Quasar Feedback: the Missing Link in Structure Formation - Scannapieco, Peng Oh

ionisation history

  • AstroPh:0211071 - Miralde-Escude
  • AstroPh:0310593 - WMAP => reionisation at z=20 => need early star formation => either "extreme assumptions" or a component of isocurvature fluctuations - Naoshi Sugiyama, Saleem Zaroubi, Joseph Silk

galaxy clusters


  • "First Year WMAP papers": - summary paper is AstroPh:0302209
  • HepPh:0210370 - review on DM and DE - Kamionkowski


standard ruler methods

  • AstroPh:0501171 SDSS z < 0.47 Eisenstein et al. Omega_total = 1.010\pm0.009
  • AstroPh:0501174 2dFGRS Cole et al. assumes flat model, get Omega_m = 0.23 \pm 0.02

candidate particles/fields/unified models

NonBaryonicDarkMatter (DM) candidate: mirror matter

  • AstroPh:0211067 - evidence for mirror matter from Eros??? - Foot, R. Mitra
  • AstroPh:0403043 - claim that mirror matter H' or He' halo with some O' better fits DAMA/NaI energy spectrum than WIMPs - Foot
  • HepPh:0402267 - Ωb to Ωm from mirror matter implies ~1eV scale suggests relation to neutrino oscillations - Foot, Volkas

DE candidate: casimir energy

  • GrQc:0406056 casimir energy from scalar field frozen in at Planck time gives ΩΛ today - Unnikrishnan

other candidates

  • HepPh:0210389 - neutrino model implies "DM candidate" - right-handed neutrino - Krauss, Nasri, Trodden
  • HepPh:0211254 - axions as CDM - hints from galactic rotation curves and a feature in an IRAS map for axions
  • AstroPh:0212345 - nanolensing of GRBs by planetary mass objects - Mark Walker, Geraint Lewis
  • AstroPh:0401140 - DM = neutralinos which annihilate and explain cooling flow problem in gal clusters - Totani
  • AstroPh:0212414 - DE & DM as two limits of the same thing (Chaplygin fluid) - Gonzalez-Diaz
  • AstroPh:0307350 - DM = value of scalar field, DE = energy density of the same field - distance-z relations - Mark B. Hoffman
    • AstroPh:0406194 - DM as scalar field (spin-0 fundamental interaction) - explains early formation of big ellipticals - Matos, Urena-Lopez
  • AstroPh:0305364 - Weyssenhoff fluid in FLRW model, brane models - Marek Szydłowski, Adam Krawiec
  • AstroPh:0306438 - Rn, with n<0 in Hilbert-Einstein action provides DE and early inflation - Carroll, Duvvuri, Trodden, Turner
  • AstroPh:0307311 - Closed Universes, de Sitter Space and Inflation => DE + low quadrupole/octupole + high k effects - Lasenby, Doran
  • HepTh:0307128 - Phantom cosmologies - Mariusz P. Dabrowski, Tomasz Stachowiak, Marek Szydlowski
  • AstroPh:0308515 - Quintessence From The Decay of a Superheavy Dark Matter - Houri Ziaeepour
  • AstroPh:0310609 - phenomenological hypothesis: ΩΛ α Ωm ? - Majernik
  • AstroPh:0311247 - Partial rip scenario - a cosmology with a growing cosmological term - Hrvoje Stefancic
  • AstroPh:0405200 - time and the radial components of the energy momentum tensor for a Schwarzschild metric are equal - applying the same property to cosmology gives a cosmo constant - Yukio Tomozawa
  • HepTh:0406060 - Vacuum Fluctuations of Energy Density can lead to the observed Cosmological Constant - Thanu Padmanabhan
  • GrQc:0407070 - Searching for a solution to the cosmological constant problem - a toy model - Wojciech P. Tarkowski (St Paul Research Lab, Warszawa)
  • AstroPh:0409073 - Dynamics of the Universe with global rotation - Wlodzimierz Godlowski, Marek Szydlowski (Krakow)
  • AstroPh:0412010 - Undulant Universe - Gabriela Barenboim, Olga Mena, Chris Quigg

DE, acceleration vs deceleration, the Big Crunch

  • AstroPh:0302357 - a decelerating universe is consistent with SNeIa and CMB (including WMAP) data - Vishwakarma
  • AstroPh:0301087 - Does DE become negative in the future for supergravity and many other M-theory models? - Kallosh, Linde

DE and curvature with WMAP - negative curvature still possible - Aurich, Steiner


power spectrum of density perturbations

  • AstroPh:0211090 - calibration of σ8 from better simulations applied to observations - Viana et al.
  • AstroPh:0301641 - inverse approach for an N-body simulation - reconstructing the initial density perturbations from
"present-day" observational data - Nice group + Matarrese

power spectrum method

  • AstroPh:0307515 - unbiased hybrid estimator that combines a maximum likelihood estimator at low multipoles and pseudo-Cl estimates at high multipoles - G. Efstathiou
  • AstroPh:0310382 - trans-planckian oscillations - Martin, Ringeval

cosmic topology measurements, Gaussianity tests

  • AstroPh:0302209 - WMAP - Spergel et al. "finite universe model"
  • AstroPh:0302496 - WMAP - Tegmark et al. - AstroPh:0307282 - against topology interpretation
  • AstroPh:0303643 - WMAP non-random phases - Chiang et al.
  • AstroPh:0305248 - non-Gaussianity tests - Raeth, P. Schuecker
  • AstroPh:0405519 - WMAP 1yr bispectrum against Gaussianity (frequentist test), inconsistency with other tests - Kate Land, Joao Magueijo
  • AstroPh:0310273 - Detection of non-Gaussianity in the WMAP 1-year data using spherical wavelets - P. Vielva, E. Martinez-Gonzalez, R. B. Barreiro, J. L. Sanz, L. Cayon
  • AstroPh:0402602 - Wavelets and WMAP non-Gaussianity - Pia Mukherjee, Yun Wang
  • AstroPh:0409397 - Foreground contributions (correlated with cosmic ray distributions) to the Cosmic Microwave Background - Tadeusz Wibig, Arnold W. Wolfendale
  • AstroPh:0304290 - opposite quasar pairs - Weatherley et al.
  • AstroPh:0305020, AstroPh:0304558, AstroPh:0303636 - WMAP low quadrupole => not topology, but double inflation, or other early universe physics?
  • AstroPh:0307507 - Asymmetries in the CMB anisotropy field (WMAP) - Eriksen, Hansen, Banday, Gorski, Lilje
  • AstroPh:0303127 - low WMAP quadrupole from positive curvature? AstroPh:0306431 - significance of low WMAP quadrupole - AstroPh:0310207 - max likelihood analysis gives higher WMAP quadrupole - G. Efstathiou
  • AstroPh:0310186 - standard analysis of WMAP misleading since some assumptions wrong - Antony Lewis
  • AstroPh:0310233 - circles test with WMAP against many torus-like models up to 16.8 h-1Gpc in size - Cornish, Spergel, Starkman, Komatsu
  • AstroPh:0310253 - Poincare dodecahedral model likely from WMAP data - Luminet, Weeks, Riazuelo, Lehoucq, Uzan
  • AstroPh:0402608 - Poincare 11deg circles? - TCfA group
  • AstroPh:0310511 - multipole vector analysis of WMAP data in favour of non-Gaussianity and cross-correlations of fluctuations on scales 2 < l < 8
  • AstroPh:0310542, AstroPh:0310601 - low multipoles in WMAP ILC (internal linear combination) map are non-poissonian and contain foreground residues - P.D. Naselsky, A.G. Doroshkevich, O.V. Verkhodanov
  • HepTh:0311059 Influence of Super-Horizon Scales on Cosmological Observables Generated during Inflation - Matarrese, Musso, Riotto
  • AstroPh:0403353 low multipoles from Oort cloud (outer solar system)? - Dominik J. Schwarz (CERN), Glenn D. Starkman (CERN, Case Western Reserve University), Dragan Huterer (CWRU), Craig J. Copi
  • AstroPh:0405544 low multipoles natural (no fudging) from stochastic inflation - M. Liguori, S. Matarrese (Univ. of Padova and INFN), M. Musso (Univ. of Pavia and INFN), A. Riotto
  • AstroPh:0403597 hyperbolic models with long "horns" do not create flat spots; Picard model (hyperbolic) matches WMAP data - Aurich et al.
  • WMAP gossip: - see AstroPh:0403353
  • AstroPh:0412407 hyperbolic Picard model matches WMAP 1st year data - R. Aurich, S. Lustig, F. Steiner, H. Then
  • AstroPh:0501189 shape of space post-WMAP review talk, Luminet

cosmic topology theory (or what might be the start of a theory)

  • GrQc:0310002 Peaks in the Hartle-Hawking Wave Function from Sums over Topologies (some 3-manifolds are much more likely than others) - Anderson, Carlip, Ratcliffe, Surya, Tschantz

cosmic strings - possible detections

  • AstroPh:0410073 - Kibble discusses new interest in cosmic strings, and the two following observational hints. The first one seems quite serious, at first glance:

fundamental physics

  • AstroPh:0310764 - observational constraints (OH, HCO+, HI) on evolution of fundamental constants #α, the proton g-factor gp and y=me/mp - Jayaram Chengalur, Nissim Kanekar
  • AstroPh:0211402 - observational constraints on quantisation of time (Planck time, around t=10-43s)
  • GrQc:0301070 - observational constraints on theology wink via gravitational lensing by CTCs (wormholes)
  • AstroPh:0302131 - Meta-Theory of Everything - Max Tegmark - this is fun stuff, but not careful like GFR Ellis et al's analysis AstroPh:0305292
  • GrQc:0307112, GrQc:0211082 - a singularity-free inflationary universe the Emergent Universe - George F.R. Ellis, Jeff Murugan, Christos G. Tsagas, Roy Maartens
  • AstroPh:0305292 - Multiverses and physical cosmology - G.F.R. Ellis, U. Kirchner, W.R. Stoeger - very clear discussion


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